Barra Watches

Founded in 2021 by a Dutch/ British watch enthusiast with a passion for horlogery and aviation, Barra watches is a British watch brand inspired by vintage aviation- and military wristwatches.

We taken inspiration from robust vintage wristwatches and put a contemporary and elegant twist on it. In addition to this we will incorporate a piece of history into our watches and will always produce limited editions to ensure exclusivity and uniqueness.

We strive to create top quality wristwatches, only using the best materials and components (eg Swiss manual our automatic movements, surgical stainless teel and hand made British leather straps), yet making it accessible for watch aficionados and aviation enthusiasts.

The brand is named after Barra Airport, on the outer Hebrides islands in Scotland. Officially one of the most scenic airports in the world. It is also the only commercial airport that is based on a tidal beach. This means that only pilots with a specific skillset can land and take off here.
We thought that the beauty of this airport on this incredible island, the uniqueness of it and the sense of adventure/ skill it requires to operate on it represent our brand values really well, and would therefore be a suitable name for this new British watch brand.

Uniqueness, Style, Adventure and Aviation

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